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What it delivers?
TransparentCMS is an innovative software platform, built upon collaboration and transparency, for companies to implement and manage their compliance programs, monitor and report on their progress in meeting their corporate sustainability goals. TransparentCMS facilitates monitoring your compliance partners’ adherence to set standards and procedures. Additionally, it reports and alerts key stakeholders automatically about the progress made or deviation from agreed-upon compliance standards.

TransparentCMS enables companies to rapidly implement a highly configurable, easy-to-use and results-oriented Compliance Management System that is expandable and scalable to meet your current and future business needs.
Any company that plans to operate in a fast paced global market place must have a viable and effective sustainable business strategies supported by a compliance program that delivers the following critical capabilities:
  • A medium to effectively and periodically communicate the values of your company's sustainability standards to all your business partners and employees
  • A system that promotes transparency and ensures accountability of all participants
  • A workflow engine that allows your compliance partners, including Suppliers, Compliance Managers, Audit Managers and Auditors, to work in a real-time, collaborative environment.
  • An easy-to-use and intuitive user interface that requires minimal training
  • An underlying core business process designed to be familiar to your collaborating partners resulting in instant productivity
  • A highly configurable system that is built to meet your current and future needs
  • A simple and effective way to capture data and information from the source
  • A system that can be integrated easily and tailored specifically to enhance the scope of your compliance program's benefits in order to meet your business needs
  • Powerful analytical and reporting tools that supports proactive decision-making
  • Verifiable and credible reporting that will validate the authenticity of your sustainability program, instill confidence in your company's sustainable business practices amongst the public, and thus enhance your brand value and competitive advantage.
  • Powerful analytical tools that allow you to effectively measure, monitor, and manage your compliance program activities and that enable you to mitigate risks by making informed and proactive decisions.
  • A system that evolves over time to bring about a cultural change in your sustainable business operations, which leads to self-compliance among all collaborating partners, minimize risk and reduce the cost of your sustainability program.
TransparentCMS software solution provides a framework for companies and their partners to work in a real-time collaborative environment aimed at achieving transparency within a self-contained business process, where they communicate and manage data and decisions effectively in order to meet their sustainability goals. Oviya Systems' core mission is to carry forward the commitment to support ethical business practices using technology strong business process, feature rich system that is designed for ease of use, familiarity and a simple, powerful and easily maintainable design. TransparentCMS is a futuristic system that will implement this commitment and help companies grow their bottom-line without compromising their sustainability goals. which is way ahead of its competitors in terms of understanding the business process, industry trends and ethical philosophy that will drive the corporate sustainability programs.

TransparentCMS is designed to grow with the business and industry trends and seamlessly adapt to such growth to companies and its users, hence making the return on investment a very compelling proposition, whether they choose to own or subscribe to TransparentCMS hosted services. It's a cost effective, must to have system for all companies that believes in or practices sustainable business strategies, which is the only way to operate in future to improve their bottom line growth and protect brand value, before they are overtaken by their competitors, who practice corporate sustainability, with the compelling sincerity it deserves.

Oviya Systems as a company is committed to help companies make corporate sustainability a real value proposition for their business operations, while preserving the planet for the future.
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